Robyn Lanci

Fitness for moms, designed by a mom

Personal training and nutrition coaching for all stages of motherhood

I help moms get fit and feel great with customized personal training services, nutrition coaching, accountability and support. My goal is to help you find a better way to fuel and train your body in order to discover the strongest, happiest, and healthiest version of yourself.

Helping busy moms reach
their goals with fitness and food

Regardless of your age or fitness ability, I can help. Whether you’re a new mom easing her way back into exercise after childbirth, someone who wants to start a fitness regimen but is unsure how to begin, or a mama who does better with an accountability partner, I am here for you. I realize a busy lifestyle means fitness for moms has to be easy to implement, realistic, and results-driven. That’s at the core of everything we do together.

We’ll start by discussing your goals so I can guide you towards practical, sustainable solutions that fit your lifestyle. Next, I’ll create a customized workout program that feels just right for you. We’ll train in my private home gym or I will bring the workout to you. So there’s nobody watching, no crowded spaces, and no fighting for weights. From barbells and dumbbells to resistance bands, plyo boxes, stability balls and more, I provide everything you need. I even have comfy chairs in the room in case your kids tag along. 

Although our time together is all about you, I’ll also guide you towards practical, sustainable solutions that work for your entire family. What I won’t do is suggest cooking separate meals, encourage a full day of meal prepping, or push you to exercise twice a day. Because I get it – that’s not realistic for moms. What I will do is help you look and feel good. And I’ll also set you up for other in-the-moment mom wins, like carrying two crying children up the stairs at once. Or successfully lugging water jugs from the driveway to the kitchen unassisted. Or better yet, I’ll help you build endurance so you can partake in a long game of tag with your littles without getting winded. 

About Me

I’m a mom of two small children, so I know what it’s like to be busy all the time and not have much “me” time. As an experienced personal trainer and holistic health coach, I love helping overwhelmed moms build strength, lose weight, and feel confident. 

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